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Buck O’Neil Must be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Posted by David Leslie on July 29, 2006

It’s Hall of Fame weekend and while Bruce Sutter will be up on the dias, the Man I most want to see in the Hall will step up as a living representative of his 17 fellow Negro Leaguers who will be honored for their roll in that league with induction into the Hall.

Sadly, that Man, Buck O’Neil will not be on that list of 17. At 94 years old, Mr. O’Neil has been for my generation, a life link to that league. A reminder of a time when the best players in the world had been split into two leagues because of nothing more than the color of their skin.

This is not to say that Mr.O’Neil doesn’t have the numbers to enter the Hall, the man had an All Star career in the league. Yet he has been the Man who keeps the league in our minds and hearts. A man who helped get his fellow players their own museum, who worked to have major league baseball extent its benefits to these men to take care of them in their golden years.

It is an embarassment to the selection committee that Mr.O’Neil was left out of the Hall. But Mr. O’Neil isn’t bitter. He is there to talk about the game and the people whom he loved who played it with him.

As much as I love baseball I have never been to the Hall. I will say this publicly here and now that I will not go to the Hall while Mr. O’Neil is alive unless he is inducted in it. Further more when he is inducted, I will travel to Cooperstown with my family to be there in person when he gives his induction speach. My only prayer is that Mr. O’Neil is with us and in good health when that honor he deserves in rewarded to him.


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Another tree falls in Gahanna

Posted by David Leslie on July 29, 2006

So after a few weeks on the shelf due to my back, the gardening projects for the summer have started back up. Today on the hit list was a plum tree that has become a bit of a mess.

Now if you had asked me what I was doing this weekend, plum tree removal would have been low on that list. Yet Jean had clients this afternoon and John was dead asleep since he was fresh off staying up to midnight last night. See, he had taken a very late nap so he would be awake for fireworks last night, which he loved, along hanging out and having dinner with his friend Evelyn and her family before the show.

Back to the plum tree; It never produced that much fruit and what fruit it did produce would go to ick before we could get to it. Needless to say the investment into a nice used Sears Craftsman 16 inch chainsaw has been well worth it. Still, we had to clean up the remains of the tree and take it down to the curb which was a chore. Afterwards after cleaning up we headed to Don Pablos for their combo meal special since neither Jean nor I were in the mood to cook.

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That’s just our runner writhing in pain

Posted by David Leslie on July 11, 2006

Softball this year has been pretty much a wash.

First I had to leave my team for the past two seasons due to the logistics of going from Dublin to Gahanna to Westerville while mixing in a stop to my in-laws to drop off John. While I was able to do last year, the road construction and my work hours just made it too much of a pain.

Thanks to a buddy of mine who used to work with me at OCLC, I was able to join his team which plays at Burliner on Wednesdays. My first game of the season was something to forget. I struck out swinging my first at bat. That’s how bad my timing was off. We were slated to play two games that night with an hour break between them. While the rest of the team headed to our sponsor’s place (Victories), I acted as spotter to let the guys know when the game between ours was wrapping up. I also took advantage of the break between games to hit the batting cage to find my stoke.

By the 2nd game I put a few balls in play and while I was still disapointed by how I did, it was an improvement.

The next game was against the first place team and was also a double header. Most of the guys on the opposing team I know from playing against them in Westerville. An older team, these guys play at a very high level and can both mash the ball out of the park as well as base hit you to death. They also roll to the yard with some of the best bats on the market.

First game we have to forfit due to the umpire not giving us a grace period for our 9th guy to show. The next game started once we picked up 2 guys and the ump got back from the snack bar. After hitting my first nice shot of the year the batter behind me hit a roller to short. I knew the 2nd baseman had a bad knee and since I was forced out at 2nd already, I did the honorable thing and ducked out of the baseline to give a clear throwing lane.

This is when my back just locked. This had never happened before but this was a classic ‘I can’t stand up without major pain’ grab for the lower back. Thing was we didn’t have any subs so I had two more innings and one at bat (a so so ground out trying to backside to the left field side to avoiding twisting my back pulling the ball) before a sub did get there. And thank God that sub was Murphy, a man who I’ve seen just crush a ball when I’ve played against him. I made no bones about giving up my slot to him and we won the game.

The past five days I’ve been on a mixture of muscle relaxers, Aleve and Vicodin. Needless to say with one game left, my season is over.

The irony, the team we played is sponsored by a chiropractor.

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The past few weeks

Posted by David Leslie on July 11, 2006

It’s been just one click below blur around the Leslie household. A brief smattering of the events of the past few weeks…

  • Jean had her EMDR level two conference
  • I had my yearly review from work
  • John started potty training
  • We cut down a two Rose of Sharon bushes and an ornamental cherry tree in the front yard
  • I worked two major troubleshooting issues for my product at work

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Ah, those Mac Ads

Posted by David Leslie on July 11, 2006

Here are a few brilliant counter ads to those “Hi I’m a Mac” ads made by real people.
Why Mac’s suck

Why Mac gaming is…well..not really gaming

Then there is this comment on Voodoo PC’s CTO’s blog

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