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Ah, those Mac Ads

Posted by David Leslie on July 11, 2006

Here are a few brilliant counter ads to those “Hi I’m a Mac” ads made by real people.
Why Mac’s suck

Why Mac gaming is…well..not really gaming

Then there is this comment on Voodoo PC’s CTO’s blog


2 Responses to “Ah, those Mac Ads”

  1. I’m a switch-hitter — I use both Mac and PC. In the first video you linked, about 80% of what I heard relates to PCs as well. It’s cleverly edited and very funny, but that doesn’t mean PCs don’t have many of the same problems.

    As for the second (knockoff) video … games? Who cares about games? Teenagers, maybe.

  2. David Leslie said

    First, thanks for the comments…

    I work on both as well but if I had to pick one, I’d go PC.

    While the PC has its problems the Mac is too often presented (often by Apple) that the Mac as this Utopian computing platform in terms of without pointing out the many limitations that the Mac makes to keep thing ‘simple’.

    As for gaming, that was the factor that broke me away from the Apple tree almost 15 years ago. The thing that has kept me away has been Apple’s ‘buy another Mac’ upgrade policy and the fact that even with X and the new mouse, I just can’t find anything with their UI.

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