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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Another tree falls in Gahanna

Posted by David Leslie on July 29, 2006

So after a few weeks on the shelf due to my back, the gardening projects for the summer have started back up. Today on the hit list was a plum tree that has become a bit of a mess.

Now if you had asked me what I was doing this weekend, plum tree removal would have been low on that list. Yet Jean had clients this afternoon and John was dead asleep since he was fresh off staying up to midnight last night. See, he had taken a very late nap so he would be awake for fireworks last night, which he loved, along hanging out and having dinner with his friend Evelyn and her family before the show.

Back to the plum tree; It never produced that much fruit and what fruit it did produce would go to ick before we could get to it. Needless to say the investment into a nice used Sears Craftsman 16 inch chainsaw has been well worth it. Still, we had to clean up the remains of the tree and take it down to the curb which was a chore. Afterwards after cleaning up we headed to Don Pablos for their combo meal special since neither Jean nor I were in the mood to cook.


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