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A day in Orwell

Posted by David Leslie on August 7, 2006

One of my wife’s close friends lives on a nice patch of land about an hour east of Cleveland. It had been awhile since we seen her so I took the day off and headed with the family up for a visit before sliding to Glenn Willow for a train ride on a set of historic passenger cars.

After driving about three hours we got to the place and watch as John got to pet his first horse. We also got to play a bit with some of the dogs that they have been breading before naps and then the hunt for a place to eat at 8 pm on a Friday night. But before heading out, we put the horses in the side yard on walking stakes since they would graze on the grass, saving the need to mow it. For the first time since I was 9, I handled a horse as I stepped up to help walk the horses to the stakes from the barn. I had forgotten how much I love horses. I was never into cowboys but I thought horse racing was it when I was really little.

Did I mention that Orwell is in the boarder of Amish country in northeast Ohio? It’s also the home of Don King’s training complex / farm. It was all lined with these strange statues. I’ll need to get some photos the next time by.

Most of the places were closed but we did happen to find the “Country Cafe” next to of all things, a teen rock club. One of the kids was so glammed up we couldn’t tell the gender. This wouldn’t be a big deal in Columbus but had to been out there among the Amish.

Dinner was good but I regreeted getting the all you can eat shrimp fry since the little guys hadn’t been devained (I know, I know I just like them without the poop shoot thank you).

Jean and John got up early the next morning to take a walk before breakfast and to help with the animals. John feed the horses some carrots from our garden before we headed out to fish at one of the nature areas near the house.

“Near’ is a realative term in a place like Orville. A 15 minute drive at 50 miles per hour counts as ‘near’. While we tried two ponds, we managed only a nibble. John had fun but he did go splat in the mud at one point when he slipped on the bank.

We said our goodbyes and then headed into Glenn Willow for our train ride. John was already planning his trip into the woods and riding one of the horses for the next time we visit.


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