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My crappy cable reception

Posted by David Leslie on August 22, 2006

For some reason my cable service from TimeWarner has decided to flake out on me.

Here’s the score, I have a WinPVR-150 MCE and I’m running XP Media Center as my OS. About 4 months ago, I stated getting strange lines going diagonally across channels 65 to 70 which happens to be where BBC America and the National Geographic Channel live.

With the problem                                         Without the problem

At first it wasn’t a big deal but now it’s unwatchable on the computer, my guest tv is getting worse and even the tv with the TW provided DVR is starting to show it.  

The rub is that I’ve had TW out 5 times and so far nothing has worked:

  • Tech 1 said I needed a dedicated line for my Road Runner
  • Tech 2 installed the line but the problem still occurred 
  • Tech 3 replaced the line running from the post to my house but that didn’t work. He also said that maybe the problem was with the computer. After checking with the folks at Hauppauge and with XI computer, the box was ruled out. 
  • Tech 4 said the problem was ‘ingress’,  replaced all the coxal connectors but aside from telling me to check the ground (which I have no idea where that’s at) said that he would have the dispatcher check to see if the problem is between the post and the TW hub. 
  • Tech 5 replaced the DVR (I went from the piece of junk Scientific Atlanta 8000 to the new hotness that is the 8300)

I called again tonight to get a status but was told to check back at the end of the week.

If it’s not fixed by then, who knows what will be next…


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