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Move on and Me

Posted by David Leslie on October 31, 2006

Well for the first time in 12 years, I’m going to be working phones in an election year. Last time I did it I was helping Sheriff Jim Karnes get elected.

This time I’m going to be doing get out the vote (GOTV) with Move Why Move On since I’ve railed against their bias and political hackery? Well you need to know a few things about GOTV and the GOP.

The GOP invented the GOTV and their frigging masters at this stuff. Like being a Cleveland fan in the 1990’s when Mike Jordan and Johnny Elway rolled into town. They could be near death and still find away to beat us.

Throw in the fact that current DNC chair Howard Dean is a moron when it comes to mounting any movement to bring the center back to even thinking democrat means that getting the base to the polls is our only hope this midterm as Dean has allowed the worse congress in 100 years and the most inept administration in 150 years even have a hope at the polls this year.

So if you get a call from me, be kind.


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Is there such a thing as a dumb atheist?

Posted by David Leslie on October 31, 2006

In this month’s Wired, there is a cover story on the rise in atheists who are taken on theists. Now as a theist, I am biased of course but some of the quotes struck me as well, odd.

For example, almost everyone quotes in the article was listed noting their intellectual prowess. Even the sidebar profile of Bad Religion’s lead singer noted his Cornell PHD in Zoology.

Yet where are the blue collar atheists? Those men and women who vote GOP, drive pickup trucks and don’t believe in God.  Better yet, where is the cat who never finished 8th grade, lives in a trailer park and thinks theists are dumber than he is?

I also love the quote from the BR singer “If you can believe in God, then you can believe in anything,”

Wait a minute, that’s a bad thing? I mean 100 years ago, our beliefs shifted on things as trivial as what past for popular music to the fundamental understanding of how diseases function in the body. If we had limited our beliefs to only those things we could see and observe in the natural world, then we could have never had advanced as far as we have. We never could have believed that their was always something more behind what we can see or even measure for us to find.

One thing that has never quite sat well with me and atheism is the notion that the belief in a God is foolish at best and dangerous at worse. If it is a coping mechanism, what is so wrong with that. People have had them in the form of myth for years. As for the dangerous rise in fundamentalism and their attacks on modernity,yes those of this belief use the hope of the afterlife to bring horror to this one. Yet atheist never talk about the full impact of a Godless society would be on people. From my own experience meeting with Russians who were born in the 1970’s and grew up in the USSR, they talked about a hopelessness that if this life was all that you had, then why not spend it drunk or else deal with the soul crushing reality around you.


I’ve often joked to my GOP friends that the reason I’m a democrat is that I was first a Christian. Still it’s a more powerful condemnation of the people of God that atheist feel we are a harm to the world than a hope for it.

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Cory Lidie and Ohio State football not on TV. Or the closest I’ve come to being on the radio

Posted by David Leslie on October 12, 2006

I did something today I last tried when I was a kid listing to an interview with Otto Graham. I called into a sports talk show. In this case, The Big Show with Bruce Huley on WBNS 1460 The Fan.

Now if you know me, you know that I hate Ohio State football and the sheer arrogance of Buckeye fans. However that’s not why I was going to call in.

No, I wanted to talk about the death of Cory Lidle. Lost in the reporting so far was two eery events involving crashes and the Yankees.

Well needless to say after making it past the call screener (who reminded me it was Wilson who was Mo’s best friend) I waited and when I got picked up after 45 minutes my cell phone barfed.

The first was the death of Thurman Munson in much the same way Cory died. In a airplane crash with his flight instructor at 32. I can still remember where I was when I saw the report that Thurman was dead. I was 9, in my grandparent’s room watching a newscast out of DC. I wasn’t a Yankees fan but I loved his name and the way he played. He was why I wanted to be a catcher.

The other was the story captured in Buster Olney’s excellent book, The last night of the Yankee Dynasty. The story is that had the Yankees won game 7 of the 2001 World Series, Enrique Wilson would have been on American Airlines flight 587 that crashed in Queens. However because of the loss, Wilson caught another flight. Telling the story to Mariano Rivera who took the loss in game 7, Rivera replied that he was glad to have lost the World Series than lose a friend. The irony here is that if the Yankees had won one of the games in Detroit, Cory would still be with us.

Most of the calls were about Buckeye fans losing their minds about not being able to see the game without getting a satelight dish. The level of freakout is unreal given the following:

1. The game is vs. Indiana. Who should play the Buckeyes close until just after the coin flip.

2. Its the only game not on either ESPN, ESPN 2, ABC or WBNS TV all season

3.The game is going to be on ESPNU so its not like it isn’t on TV, just that none of the cable companies carry this channel. However you can get it on both of the dish services.

4. If anyone had noticed, theirs a war going on. While Cory’s death is tragic, think about the folks who are dying everyday in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. Keep in mind that some fans like those of the University of Hawaii Warriors can only get their games on pay per view

Oh well, gave me something to blog tonight…

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Protected: John and the TV

Posted by David Leslie on October 7, 2006

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