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Move on and Me

Posted by David Leslie on October 31, 2006

Well for the first time in 12 years, I’m going to be working phones in an election year. Last time I did it I was helping Sheriff Jim Karnes get elected.

This time I’m going to be doing get out the vote (GOTV) with Move Why Move On since I’ve railed against their bias and political hackery? Well you need to know a few things about GOTV and the GOP.

The GOP invented the GOTV and their frigging masters at this stuff. Like being a Cleveland fan in the 1990’s when Mike Jordan and Johnny Elway rolled into town. They could be near death and still find away to beat us.

Throw in the fact that current DNC chair Howard Dean is a moron when it comes to mounting any movement to bring the center back to even thinking democrat means that getting the base to the polls is our only hope this midterm as Dean has allowed the worse congress in 100 years and the most inept administration in 150 years even have a hope at the polls this year.

So if you get a call from me, be kind.


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