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Things of note

Posted by David Leslie on November 9, 2006

Few random ideas floating around tonight:

1. Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake pizza is excellent. We have some family in town so we ordered 2 family size pies and oh were they tasty. The dough is made fresh on site and after the sause and cheese is put on, the pie heads down a line much like you’d see at Subway where the toppings are placed.

6 people and we still had half a pie left. Never would have thought that ham and pineapple would work for me on a pizza but it did. The other nice thing was the pie was fresh and not at all oily. Jean, a non-pizza person, said that she would gladly get pizza from their again. Nice guys and since you bake the pie in your oven, their prices are much cheaper and the pizza much better

2. Big night Tuesday for the DNC. Still, I didn’t feel like whooping it up. For starters, Harold Ford Jr. got punked by a RNC ad that a pure smear. But you want to see a man deal with getting punked, watch how Mr. Ford handled it.

Tammy Duckworth got robo-called which played a part in her loss and Pat Tiberi when so negative to secure his win that I got the same attack mailing 3 times..twice in one day.

3. As for the President getting the message from the people with Tuesday’s result, that lasted about 24 hours. No sooner than he was done cutting off Rummy, W was pushing the lame duck congress to give him John Bolton at the UN and his wiretapping measures before the 110 Congress is seated. So much for bipartisanship.

4. Watched Nova on the work of aviation inventor Alberto Santos-Dumont. What was interesting to me was that he never used the same design twice. Unlike the Wrights who’s flyers had the same shape as their first, Santos’ work never had a defining theame. Makes me think about developers and their tenancy to favor one development method or language and never look past that frame work. Also he gave his plans to the world and never built an aircraft company. He saw flight as a means to world peace. He would kill himself shortly after watching an air to air dogfight for the first time in person.

5. I’ve been thinking more and more about web services and client frameworks as a better way to go than using a web browser. I’m starting to agree with the idea that rather than take the risk of dealing with a browser who’s code based is ever shifting and that you don’t control, you could use .Net to build a thin client to trade data back and forth with the servers using web services.


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