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My Christmas List

Posted by David Leslie on November 16, 2006

After a moment of self-realization, I noticed that whenever I get down (which is always around late Oct / early Nov) I tend to develop a fixation on really high priced items. High priced that is for my budget.

For example:

Last Year: My computer from XI Computer

2 years ago: My MP3 player – Creative Muvo Micro N200

This year has been a waffling between a camera and a new set of headphones. So rather than spend the coin that I don’t have on what I want or spend the coin that I do have on something so-so, I here by post my wish list for Christmas if for anything else, just to say it’s out here.


Big ticket item (over $200 US): A new digital camera.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m jealous of my Uncle. He got a new Canon Digital Rebel that is sitting in a box until he finds time to take a class. He already has the film version of the Rebel that he’s taken snap shots with for about 10 years now. I don’t know if it’s ever been out of point and shoot mode.

While I would love a Rebel, it’s a lot of camera and money. Almost triple my budget.

Me, I’d like a new digital camera that will have a faster start time as well as being faster between shots. Given my current HP 318, just about any digital in the $100 and up price range will will beat it in these two categories.

I’ve been learning how to shot better shots by using Flickr and just snapping away with the HP. One thing I’ve found out is that it’s important not only to have good auto focus modes but also some manual control. So I want something where I can do some manual adjustments and maybe a flitter.

Budget for this is around $300 at tops. Of course this means no Vista a launch should Santa drop something off.


Medium ticket item (Just under $100 US):  Sennheiser PC155 Traditional Binaural PC Headset with USB and Noise canceling.

I wear headsets for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. While I’ve been using Atec Lansing, I’ve killed two sets of mic cords on my AHS515 in the past 15 months. The problem is the wires; they get yanked by my chair and munged by the jacks. The PC155 fixes this with a cord wrap and the option to use USB which both my computers have front USB ports.

Plus, since these things are on my head for so long, I might as well get something that sounds great and not just good. Also since I’m betting on not getting the camera, I can use the mic to take advantage of the voice control in Vista.


Small items (under $30 US):

Matt Helm Lounge (The Silencers/ Murderers Row/The Ambushers/The Wrecking Crew): The four Dean Martin spy spoofs that I can watch over and over again. Even today I still have the hots for Daliah Lavi in The Silencers

Mike Doughty Skittish/Rockity Roll Double CD

A subscription to Netflix

A subscription to Sports Illustrated

A subscription to ESPN


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