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Has it been a month?

Posted by David Leslie on December 30, 2006

I can’t believe its been a month since my last post. Then again, I’ve been writing in my journal but not stuff that is blog appropriate.

Ok, so here’s what’s been new:

1. Got some great swag for attending two partner events on Microsoft Office and the MS fun night. Franklin Computing Services gave me a 1 GIG flash drive while I got dinner and a copy of Halo 2 from Microsoft.

2. My 4.0 survived MIS300.

3. Lots of stress between work and getting ready for the holidays.

4. Speaking of the holiday I did get one of the things on my Christmas list post. Thanks to a gift certificate from Amazon, a discount from Tiger Direct and another discount for signing up for a Amazon card took at pair of PC165 to under $6 with shipping. It’s strange to wear them since they feel big on my head unlike my Altec Lansing which feel like there about to snap in two.

5. Took the little guys to see Happy Feet. Not a bad flick but the last 40 minutes was a bit too preachy about the dangers of over fishing.

6. Costco has come to Columbus. So far we did succumb to buying the new Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook and a few gifts but that’s been about it.

7. Saw Casino Royal. Oh my, that was what the Bond films needed. Sure it ran a bit long but the stunts were real stunts, the danger felt real and Mr. Craig proved to be a better Bond than anyone could have expected. Still, I would love for a very evil femme fatal for the next villain but it looks like SPECTRE is back in town.


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