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Microsoft’s Ready for a new day SWAG list

Posted by David Leslie on January 26, 2007

The following is a list of the swag picked up at Microsoft’s Ready for a New Day Vista / Office 2007 launch event.

Most of the business card fishbowls were giving away Zunes but one did buck this trend by giving away a bottle of champagne. There was also a $250 Best Buy gift card and a monitor for grabs.

Thanks to Microsoft and all the partners for the event, the food, the information and the swag!



Black string backpack (shoe) bag

Black tee-shirt

LED light pen

Card to hand in for resource CD

(this has the Office Professional 2007 / Groove download code directions and license key)

Handouts on CRM and Partner programs

Partner Swag:

Retractable Ear buds

Robot pen

Foam 4 point boomerang

Handled Sudko game

Keyboard / Monitor brush

Travel coffee mug


LED HP lanyard


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