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The lost week

Posted by David Leslie on February 10, 2007

Things around the Leslie household have been a bit foul of late. A stomach virus has rolled into the Casa and layed everyone low. John started on Saturday night after his cousin had left and puked a total of 4 times. The first hitting me square in the back as I tried to carry him to the bathroom.

John had stopped by Sunday prompting us to think it was something he eat. Yet by Monday night John got sick again and by Tuesday morning, Jean was down with it as well.

This meant that I was on the clock. I left my Microsoft CRM presentation to fetch the pedolyte while the snow fell. The whole time I’m praying I didn’t get it. My prayers were answered in that I didn’t puke but I did spend pretty much all Tuesday night either nauseated or in the bathroom pinned to the toilet.

Wednesday I was out of action trying to sleep off having to go to the bathroom every hour on the hour. I took some time to watch the James Bond bonus DVD’s from the new Ultimate Edition that I checked out from the library. At about 3am John pukes again.

Thursday We take John to the Doc who rules out strep but that is little comfort when we’re told we have to ride this out. Jean is feeling punk again so I clean all the bathrooms in an effort to cut down any recontamination. Oh, John pukes at 2:30am and hits Jean’s hair.

Friday John is back to his old self. In fact you wouldn’t really know he was sick. Before getting sick he would wake up fussing, puke and then head back to bed falling asleep once we got him in a new set of jammies.

Jean is still feeling punk and I’m lacking sleep. I make two meetings at work then bail out. I start feeling tried again but vegging trying to catch up on work email help to make me more tired.


Here’s to a bugless weekend!


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