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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Random Thoughts

Posted by David Leslie on February 21, 2007

  • Is it just me but are people going a bit overboard about Anna Nicole Smith’s passing? The woman looked unhealthy and given her stress level was about ready to die the death of a salaryman (that is die without warning or notice). Besides, given the war in Iraq, the attention on this story is shameful.
  • On that same note: Is Britney Spears shaving her head above the fold stuff on CNN? I mean it’s not like it won’t grow back. To be honest, she does look good as a bald woman. Some women can pull off that look plus it makes wig wearing much more convenient.
  • I got a Canon PowerShot SD40 as a gift. So look for tons more photos on Flickr.
  • Church has been interesting to say the least. I can’t talk much about the details. Yet I can talk about how I’m starting to see issues at church merging with some of the issues at work in an unhealthy way. So I’m stepping down as the tech team leader and I’m going to visit a United Church of Christ near us once I get my replacement set since I’ve been a big supporter of their “God doesn’t reject people…and neither do we” campaign. As a liberal Christian, I’ve never really worshiped with people whose views on things were like mine. At this point, I just don’t have the energy to stand alone. I want to be around others with whom I don’t have to explain my views since they get them already.

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