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RIP: The career of Jim Zumbo

Posted by David Leslie on February 25, 2007

I was a gun nut once. While I didn’t join the NRA, I read gun magazines, went shooting with my Dad and even killed a deer on my very first deer hunt when I was 14. So what changed? For me it was when the NRA tried to say that a ban on an assault rifle would lead to all guns being banned.

See when Dad wasn’t controlling airplanes he was a Deputy Sherriff. While he worked in the jail and never had to invest in body armor it only took one look at what an assault rifle can do to convince me these weapons, while fun to shoot, had no business being unregulated.

The weapons were talking about, AK-47, AR-15 and the like; they were designed for one thing: killing a person in combat.

So when noted outdoorsman and hunter rights supporter Jim Zumbo posted to his Outdoor life blog that he couldn’t see hunting with an assault rifle and called these types of guns terrorist guns, well, let’s say the NRA was about to go medieval on one of their own.

36 hours later Zumbo lost his gig, his TV show, his sponsorship deals. All for 2 blog posts.

You wanna see gun nuts in action: check out this

I’ll summarize: We accept your apology and God bless you as you deal with the wreckage we just made of your 40 year career.

This is an example of the diversity of opinions within the shooting sports community. That’s why I left.



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