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On a Gloomy March Day

Posted by David Leslie on March 19, 2007

This is the type of day that only Eeyore would love. Cold, wet and miserable not fit for fin nor fowl. Right now I’ve got some funk going on where my throat is scratchy, eyes itchy and I feel just plain mean. So take the following with a grain or two of salt:


  • Battlestar Galatica: If you thought the writers on the best show on TV went to the edge of the shark tank with last year’s ‘Leap forward’ you going to all but see
    Fonzie midair on skis after this year’s. As much as I love this show they might have bitten off more than they can chew. Plus, what the Frack happened to little Lee? I know he’s the hardest character to write on the show but for him to do Roslin like that, man got no soul.
  • Just got done with “Game of Shadows“. I didn’t like Barry Bonds before and I sure didn’t like him after. Vic Conte might be the slimmest guy in sports.
  • Read Wolverine: Origin that one of my classmates lent me. Great book but I must admit that I spent the first two issues thinking the Wolverine was the mean kid.
  • I’ve really been getting into “The IT Crowd“, this fantastic British comedy about a businesswoman who knows nothing about computers who now has to manage the two geek archetypes, the nerd and the know it all. YouTube is the place to go to check this out.


Let me leave you with this line that is stuck in my head courtesy of the 2 Skinny Js

And here’s the advice that he gave her
He said Reese’s Pieces, swedish fish
Oodles of Skittles and red licorice
Marshmallow, mints and a chocolate kiss
And it melts in your mouth like this

Take off your contacts and look at the screen
Take off your make-up and look at the scene
If you break your restrictions then you’ll understand me
Take your prescription of sugar and candy – oh yeah


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99 words for your NCAA Tournament Pool

Posted by David Leslie on March 16, 2007

By Scoop Jackson


99: Words to live by: Start tearing up your brackets now. Throw them away. Get out of the office pool. None of what you wrote down will make sense by Saturday morning. Learn that this is the one annual event where no one can predict what might happen. Not Scoop Jackson, not Bill Simmons, not Jay Bilas. Only Andy Katz knows. Listen to none of us. And unless you had Andy personally fill out your bracket, set fire to it. Go to a bar, start a fight and root for the teams you love, not the ones you picked on a bracket to win.


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Leslie MIS320 RFP

Posted by David Leslie on March 3, 2007

Request for Proposal


Good Samaritan Reformed Church (GSRC) located in Gahanna, Ohio is in need of a software solution for our worship presentation system for our Windows XP based system


Organization overview:

GSRC is a member congregation of the Reformed Churches of America (RCA). The RCA is the oldest protestant denomination in the United States. GSRC was founded in 1997 and current hosts 80 congregants for Sunday morning worship.

Project overview:

GSRC is currently looking to replace our current worship presentation system. The new worship presentation software will need to be fully operational on the GSRC worship computer by 31 July 2007.

GSRC defines the software as fully operational using the following criteria:

  1. The software is successfully installed on the GSRC worship computer
  2. The software passes an acceptance test designed using the GSRC worship computer and presentation hardware. This acceptance test will be furnished to interested vendors upon request
  3. Two members of the worship technical team have completed either an in person training or self paced training
  4. All software media and documentation is in the passion of CSRC.

Technical Environment:

GSRC worship presentation equipment consists of the following hardware and software:

  1. A Sanyo PLC-XP40 projector
  2. A 32 inch VGA front monitor
  3. A Dell P4 running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2. The computer has 512MB of RAM, a DVD-ROM and a 16 inch VGA monitor. We are also using an ATI Radeon 9700 Series dual output video card with a .

We can load media using either CD or DVD


Technical Requirements:

The software will need to complete the following tasks at a minimum:

  • Support dual monitors
  • Importation of PowerPoint presentations
  • Transitions between presentations
  • Text over video
  • Announcements looping
  • Video looping
  • Nursery alerts
  • CCLI importing
  • Per-song notes
  • Sound recorder
  • Video editing
  • DVD (fully disc)
  • DVD (clip)
  • CD (audio)
  • CD (video)
  • Photographs with audio
  • Hymn database
  • Electronic Bible
  • Presentation search

Submission deadline:

31 April 2007 at 5 pm EST

Submission format:

All submissions must be emailed in the .doc format to techteam at

Please include a link to a demo version of your software if available.


Contact information:

To submit a proposal, please contact GSRC via email.


No phone calls please.

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Vista Settings for Snoopy Vs. The Red Barron

Posted by David Leslie on March 2, 2007

OK, after not having much luck getting Snoopy Vs. the Red Barron to run well with the Windows Vista betas, I can now report success.


Here are my settings for the game so that it plays just as well under Vista (in my case Ultimate) as it does under XP SP2.


Set the Compatibility tab as follows

  1. Put a check in the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” can select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
  2. Put a check in each of the following Settings
    1. Disable Visual Themes
    2. Disable desktop composition
    3. Run this program

Oh, and make sure you have the DirectX 9.0c drivers installed. Vista only ships with DX 10 so you’ll need to download them.


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How do you really support the troops?

Posted by David Leslie on March 2, 2007

The last few days I’ve been reading “Danger Room” the new military blog that Wired is now running. They have been doing a fantastic job detailing the patient neglect scandal at Walter Reed Hospital. The situation at Reed points out just how forgotten Iraq can be for many Americans. Sure we ‘support’ our troops with trite ribbons but is that really support? Where for example is the tax increase to pay for better care post discharge for our wounded vets or better equipment? Who is going to shoulder the mental health bills? How can an all volunteer army stay deployed for this long without major cracks developing (we had drafts for WWII, Korea and Vietnam)?


As for the war, I’m mixed on the surge idea. We have far too few boots on the ground for which we can thank the President. His administration was so anti Balkans style nation building that they were ‘off ramping’ divisions before major combat actions were declared completed (see Cobra II, the outstanding history of the planning and execution of the war). Yet what does the surge buy us now? Plus with the Taliban back in operation, we are looking at a two front war should there be a major spring offensive.

Then there is Seymour Hersh piece in the New Yorker about the CIA running funds to Sunni extremist groups in Iraq to check the Shiite groups back by Iran.

Sunni extremist groups… You know the world’s most famous Sunni extremist group don’t you?

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