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How do you really support the troops?

Posted by David Leslie on March 2, 2007

The last few days I’ve been reading “Danger Room” the new military blog that Wired is now running. They have been doing a fantastic job detailing the patient neglect scandal at Walter Reed Hospital. The situation at Reed points out just how forgotten Iraq can be for many Americans. Sure we ‘support’ our troops with trite ribbons but is that really support? Where for example is the tax increase to pay for better care post discharge for our wounded vets or better equipment? Who is going to shoulder the mental health bills? How can an all volunteer army stay deployed for this long without major cracks developing (we had drafts for WWII, Korea and Vietnam)?


As for the war, I’m mixed on the surge idea. We have far too few boots on the ground for which we can thank the President. His administration was so anti Balkans style nation building that they were ‘off ramping’ divisions before major combat actions were declared completed (see Cobra II, the outstanding history of the planning and execution of the war). Yet what does the surge buy us now? Plus with the Taliban back in operation, we are looking at a two front war should there be a major spring offensive.

Then there is Seymour Hersh piece in the New Yorker about the CIA running funds to Sunni extremist groups in Iraq to check the Shiite groups back by Iran.

Sunni extremist groups… You know the world’s most famous Sunni extremist group don’t you?


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