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Leslie MIS320 RFP

Posted by David Leslie on March 3, 2007

Request for Proposal


Good Samaritan Reformed Church (GSRC) located in Gahanna, Ohio is in need of a software solution for our worship presentation system for our Windows XP based system


Organization overview:

GSRC is a member congregation of the Reformed Churches of America (RCA). The RCA is the oldest protestant denomination in the United States. GSRC was founded in 1997 and current hosts 80 congregants for Sunday morning worship.

Project overview:

GSRC is currently looking to replace our current worship presentation system. The new worship presentation software will need to be fully operational on the GSRC worship computer by 31 July 2007.

GSRC defines the software as fully operational using the following criteria:

  1. The software is successfully installed on the GSRC worship computer
  2. The software passes an acceptance test designed using the GSRC worship computer and presentation hardware. This acceptance test will be furnished to interested vendors upon request
  3. Two members of the worship technical team have completed either an in person training or self paced training
  4. All software media and documentation is in the passion of CSRC.

Technical Environment:

GSRC worship presentation equipment consists of the following hardware and software:

  1. A Sanyo PLC-XP40 projector
  2. A 32 inch VGA front monitor
  3. A Dell P4 running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2. The computer has 512MB of RAM, a DVD-ROM and a 16 inch VGA monitor. We are also using an ATI Radeon 9700 Series dual output video card with a .

We can load media using either CD or DVD


Technical Requirements:

The software will need to complete the following tasks at a minimum:

  • Support dual monitors
  • Importation of PowerPoint presentations
  • Transitions between presentations
  • Text over video
  • Announcements looping
  • Video looping
  • Nursery alerts
  • CCLI importing
  • Per-song notes
  • Sound recorder
  • Video editing
  • DVD (fully disc)
  • DVD (clip)
  • CD (audio)
  • CD (video)
  • Photographs with audio
  • Hymn database
  • Electronic Bible
  • Presentation search

Submission deadline:

31 April 2007 at 5 pm EST

Submission format:

All submissions must be emailed in the .doc format to techteam at

Please include a link to a demo version of your software if available.


Contact information:

To submit a proposal, please contact GSRC via email.


No phone calls please.


2 Responses to “Leslie MIS320 RFP”

  1. Inez Wells said

    This blog is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck.

  2. Gerry Pyle (from MIS320) said

    I would like to write my 8.2 based on your RFP. Can you give me any more specifics (accepance test) or is it just made up?



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