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ArcReady June 2008

Posted by David Leslie on June 14, 2007

Here are my notes from the Microsoft ArcReady quarterly meeting hosted by Josh Holmes. The topic is User Experience.

Key Quotes

Coming soon to software development: Technical Director who will manage the UI tradeoffs. Much like the technical director on an animated film

An avatar in Second Life costs about the same in electrical costs as a person in Portugal

What is User Experience? It’s a bloodsport that must be fought for in order to happen.

Level 2 bugs are toxic as they cause the users to hate the application

HTML is the COLBOL of the web.

Software creates an Emotional Connection. People will have a program that they hate and that they will avoid using it whenever they can. This avoidance causes loss of productivity and profit.

It’s not a bad thing to entertain the user. Slow elevator story. Building owner gets complaints about a slow elevator, fixes it, elevator runs fasts but still gets complaints, fixes again which makes it run faster and still gets complaints, fixes it by taking back to the original equipment and speed – adds mirrors and the complaints stop.

Communicate –Collaborate –Create

Speaker / Creator blogs

Chris Bernard
Josh Holmes
Jon Box
Drew Robins


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