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Welcome back, Paula Cole

Posted by David Leslie on August 10, 2007

In the summer of 1994, my girlfriend Heather and I got to see Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD tour which featured a singer named Paula Cole.

She has one of those voices that is beautiful as it is powerful. Oddly enough, she’s also one of the few singers who sounds better when she is performing live. Needless to say both of us we’re floored. So was JP Collins, the station director from CD101 who pushed Cole’s music back when Collins was going to personally will Columbus to improve it’s musical tastes.

Later that year, we see her solo show at Ludlow’s along with my sister that was opened by Jeffrey Gains (whom Heather called the most beautiful man she had ever seen). Gains jammed with his acoustic and pitch perfect songs (His ‘In Your Eyes’ is up there with Peter’s). 

Cole in her black dress with combat boots charmed everyone and managed to capture everyone with her voice as the sound guy appeared to be trying to screw up the mix.  This show is in my top three live events I’ve attended.

So while she won the kiss of death Grammy (best new artist) it looked like she was going to be fine.

Then things went to free fall. She had a disc tank and a label who rejected another. She got dropped and she just left only to tease on the rare jazz vocal track.

But thanks to Bobby Colomby, Paula has a new disc out and it is fantastic. Much love to David Dye and the World Cafe’ folks for having Paula live in studio so I can reconnected with her music.


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