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Random Weekend bits

Posted by David Leslie on September 10, 2007

– Prayers to Kevin Everett and his family after his catastrophic injury on Sunday. I also pray that the Bills do the right thing and pay off his contract in full and that Gene Upsaw gets the man the care he’ll need for the rest of his life without even seeing a bill.

– Hey kids, wanna see what too much partying and booze will do to you? Just pop in the opening of the MTV Video Music Awards to see how far Brittany Spears has dropped.

– I’m hooked on “Rock of Love” and I hated Poison. I still hate Poison but I’m hooked. I’m convinced that Heather is going to win. She is by far the most attractive woman in the house. Sure Jes got points for taking care of the two other gals as they fought back binge drinking induced spew but Heather is the one. Did I mention how much I hated Poison?


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Why I’m leaving Move On

Posted by David Leslie on September 10, 2007

I’ve had it with Move On. The ad that they ran against General Patraeus was a tactless low blow.

While it was a bit much to listen to the GOP members of the committees to hammer this point home, it does need repeating that Gen. Patraeus is the right man for Iraq and has our troops fighting with the right strategy. So clearly this leader with our forces can and will make a positive impact.

The problem is that is this a case as one general put it of being “The right man, the right strategy. Too little, too late”?

But this type of discussion seeking for “ground truth” appears to be too complex for our elected leaders in both parties. They want to cast this in a black and white discussion so simplistic as to ignore the complexities of the situations.

Move on is now engaged at a level of muck that is near Rowe-like in its vile. When I wanted to attack the heart of GOP power, I didn’t mean with school-like name calling but with stubborn facts to make Bush wish he hadn’t turned over his historical opportunity because of his stubbornness not to engage in “Nation Building” as Clinton did in the Balkans.

But Move On is now just another group that is willing to do anything to win.

Yet if you read Gen. Patraeus carefully, you’ll see that nation building is going to be our business in Iraq for some time to come. This fight of our time and choice will haunt our policies and safety for years to come no matter what we do.

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I heart Shure SE 210

Posted by David Leslie on September 8, 2007

I found a unique way to deal with my inability to sleep when Jean is sleeping ‘deeply’. In Ear Monitors or earphones.

See, I was reading Fast Company about Ultimate Ears, the developers of the in ear monitors (IEM) that you see many musicians wearing when they play live.

The idea is that the IEM are better than noise canceling headphones since they block outside sounds like an ear plug and allow you to listen at a lower volume (since they don’t have to compete with the outside sounds).

Then it hits me, I need to block out noise and I love to fall asleep to music. But I don’t have the coin for a custom pair of UE’s. I don’t have coin period. But I was still in luck.

Both UE and Shure make consumer versions of the IEM’s they sell to the pros. The difference is that the pros get ear molds made that are then fitted to the driver. The consumer get ear foams that are pretty much just like an ear plug. The price isn’t cheep but this is sleep we’re talking about

I grabbed a pair of Shure SE 210’s from the great folks at Headroom since they have the lowest profile for sticking out of ear of the models in my price range.

After two weeks, I was having problems getting adjusted to them. See you need to get ‘a good seal’ in order for the sound isolation to work. I wasn’t getting that seal. I thought that I had a good test in that I could drop my wedding ring on my desk and not hear it. Sadly I could. I even made a video of my attempts to get this to work demo’ing the ‘ring test’

I shared the video with Shure and Headroom. Shure sent me a new fit kit (with case) filled with the gells that didn’t come in the 210’s for free. I talked to Headroom and they gave me some feedback on the video and some things to try. But nothing worked. So I sent them back to Headroom.

Just as I sent them off, I got an idea. Maybe it wasn’t the fit kit but it was how I was putting them in. So I rush to the Apple store, check their return policy and grab another pair of 210’s. Still no luck. In frustration, I call Headroom and ask what I was doing wrong. Come to find out that I had the fit right, the sound isolation was that of ‘putting your fingers in your ears’. When I did this, I noticed the 210’s blocked more of the ring drop than my fingers. The rest of the isolation is picked up by the sound produced by the drivers. I was getting a good seal after all!!!!

So I tell Headroom to send the 210’s back and I took the other pair back to Apple.

Now I had to find a clock radio to play the delta wave sleep CD and get my rear up in the morning. That is another post.

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Random things from the week

Posted by David Leslie on September 8, 2007

1. Apple’s move to revamp the iPod line was pretty bold. I was in the Apple store tonight returning some earphones (more on those later). The Nano is very small and has a great screen but it’s still small. I can see watching anything more than a YouTube video on it. The Classic is nice and the Touch wasn’t in yet. I did notice that about 60% of the store’s traffic was for the iPod. Boing Boing Gadgets noted that this was Apple’s All In for this holiday season. I tend to agree. With the iPhone price drop, Apple has cut it’s highest priced non computer item into a more manageable price point. Yet they did so at the expense of their most loyal followers. It will be interesting to see how this all plays.. especially if Google moves into the phone business.

2. I submitted my application to sit for the Project Management Professional exam this week. Now I need to wait for my authorization letter to schedule my test. Right now I’m set to take a 4 day class with Cheetah Learning in Oct to help get me ready and then sit for the exam on the 5th day.

3. John and I have been taking more Boy and Da-Da walks and activities. Here are a few shots from our treks.   John climbingJohn water break

Sailboats at Easton John on the lookout at Indian Falls

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