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Random things from the week

Posted by David Leslie on September 8, 2007

1. Apple’s move to revamp the iPod line was pretty bold. I was in the Apple store tonight returning some earphones (more on those later). The Nano is very small and has a great screen but it’s still small. I can see watching anything more than a YouTube video on it. The Classic is nice and the Touch wasn’t in yet. I did notice that about 60% of the store’s traffic was for the iPod. Boing Boing Gadgets noted that this was Apple’s All In for this holiday season. I tend to agree. With the iPhone price drop, Apple has cut it’s highest priced non computer item into a more manageable price point. Yet they did so at the expense of their most loyal followers. It will be interesting to see how this all plays.. especially if Google moves into the phone business.

2. I submitted my application to sit for the Project Management Professional exam this week. Now I need to wait for my authorization letter to schedule my test. Right now I’m set to take a 4 day class with Cheetah Learning in Oct to help get me ready and then sit for the exam on the 5th day.

3. John and I have been taking more Boy and Da-Da walks and activities. Here are a few shots from our treks.   John climbingJohn water break

Sailboats at Easton John on the lookout at Indian Falls


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