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Why I’m leaving Move On

Posted by David Leslie on September 10, 2007

I’ve had it with Move On. The ad that they ran against General Patraeus was a tactless low blow.

While it was a bit much to listen to the GOP members of the committees to hammer this point home, it does need repeating that Gen. Patraeus is the right man for Iraq and has our troops fighting with the right strategy. So clearly this leader with our forces can and will make a positive impact.

The problem is that is this a case as one general put it of being “The right man, the right strategy. Too little, too late”?

But this type of discussion seeking for “ground truth” appears to be too complex for our elected leaders in both parties. They want to cast this in a black and white discussion so simplistic as to ignore the complexities of the situations.

Move on is now engaged at a level of muck that is near Rowe-like in its vile. When I wanted to attack the heart of GOP power, I didn’t mean with school-like name calling but with stubborn facts to make Bush wish he hadn’t turned over his historical opportunity because of his stubbornness not to engage in “Nation Building” as Clinton did in the Balkans.

But Move On is now just another group that is willing to do anything to win.

Yet if you read Gen. Patraeus carefully, you’ll see that nation building is going to be our business in Iraq for some time to come. This fight of our time and choice will haunt our policies and safety for years to come no matter what we do.


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