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Call of Duty 4 PC Demo review

Posted by David Leslie on October 12, 2007

OK, let me state my bias up front. I’m not a big shooter guy.
Crimson Skies both Xbox and PC versions are my favorite games to play and I play a ton of the EA NCAA Sports titles (Baseball, Football and Basketball in that order).

I also read a ton of special operations history books (I was a history major before getting into IT) since I grew up near Ft. Bragg in the late 70’s as Delta was just starting.

Now on to the review:

My Computer – 
AMD X2 +4400 with 2 gig of DDR ram
Video Card is an 7800GT with 256 MB of RAM. I have a SLI MoBo but don’t use the 2nd card.
Vista Score of 4.9 to 5 depending on how much HD space the TV captures are eating up at the time.
Dell 20in widescreen monitor hooked via DVI

Install –
With my Vista rig I had some problems with the .EXE file from Yahoo that contained the zip extractor for the installer. Man that’s hurts just thinking about that. Once the install unziped and started, no worries.

Gameplay with Spoilers –
Played on recruit
Here are my notes, in real time as I played the demo:

Love the into sat flyby to introduce the mission
Dear God, the fracking car I’m using for cover just blew up.
Ok follow the cat pointing down the stairs and try not to get shot
Just got shot.
OK, where the hell is that coming from
Crap, can’t use the pipper when the night vision goggles are on
Room clearing in the middle of a fire fight, try not to die or kill any buddies
Blocking force, with cover holding the street. great
OOOOHHH, RPG smoke trail.
Gotta get over to those buildings and snipe them before any more show up.
Find the big Javelin before bleeding out.
Wait for the white eyes to come back
Kill tank 1, sweet
Kill tank 2, who the hell gave these guys tanks
Take cover, fire Jav..wait Javelin won’t fire since I don’t have enough room. That’s cool, I’m not redding out anymore
Kill tank 3, this is a bit linear. Next time I’m going to shoot the Javelin at the guys in the building across from me.
Sprint to the bog. Hyperventilating now.
Is the bog the coolest looking point to defend.
Thank God you can’t get you’re boots stuck in this crap
Sweet mother of God, we’re getting over run
Flank. Flank Flank.. head for the trash pile.
Great just got flanked
Bus look like good cover, has big gun
Get in the bus for some payback..wait where is the
Crap, the bus is getting ripped
When did the bad guys invest in helmets?
Must plant C4, try not to die
Mark the target, eyes are all red again
Area gets a Gatling taken to it while I hide
Back to the tank Demo over (so soon?)


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