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How I got my PMP with Cheetah Learning Part 1

Posted by David Leslie on November 17, 2007

Prolog: How this is Microsoft’s fault

About a year ago as I tried to learn as much about Vista as I could, I started attending the Microsoft ArcReady events.

The idea behind ArcReady is to develop the profession of software architecture by building a community of software architects who understand both the technical and business needs of the projects they lead.  The interesting thing is that in the context that Microsoft is presenting the title of “software architect” does not mean role is held by the organization’s top coders. Rather it is held by someone who is comfortable making the business case to geeks and the technical case to the suits.

Yet in most organizations, the software architect is the project’s lead coder. Clearly that’s not me. But when I asked some of the other folks at different events about the perception of who does do this kind of work, more and more people said “Project Manager”

This made sense as a PM really does have the full picture of the project’s needs and resources and dependencies. Coming from Quality Assurance, I have been working on projects in one form or another for almost 9 years as a quality analyst plus one of the career tracks for my Management Information Systems major at Franklin University is being a PM.

The kicker was a posting for a PM position that was near my home. They wanted someone with the Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation before they would even talk with them.  The more I read about the PMP accreditation, the clearer I was that this would be something I would need at some point down the road. So why not now?


One Response to “How I got my PMP with Cheetah Learning Part 1”

  1. AJAY DUBEY said

    Good certificate program for growing stage.

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