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How I got my PMP with Cheetah Learning Part 3

Posted by David Leslie on November 28, 2007

The Pre Class Experience

From the start, Cheetah drives home the point that only with total commitment will you pass the exam. The first package of files I was sent included information on how to start getting physically ready to take the test with changes to my diet and sleep habits. They also recommended clearing both your work and personal schedule so that for one week, your total focus was on the exam.

So I broke out my trusty Shure SE210’s and started listing to Dr. Thompson’s Delta Sleep System as I went to sleep each night. Thank goodness the Shure’s allow me to sleep on my side. The biggest pain was finding a CD/Clock radio that had a headphone jack. I found a Durabrand at Wal-Mart that did the trick.

I was also given a two page map of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) that needed to be committed to memory and dumped to paper within 15 minutes. The idea is that when you sit down for the test, the first thing you do is dump these two pages on to the scratch paper during the 15 prep time before the test starts. There was also a file with steps to help  memorize the map.

Having tanked the in-class reciting of a Robert Frost poem in the 7th grade, memorization for me is a very scary place. I don’t even memorize Bible verses…

How was I going to do this?

I started about 2 months from the start of class. Each night, I would write and read aloud as I wrote a section of the map over and over until I could do it without looking at the example map.

My hands hurt to the point that my 15 minute speed checks suffered as my cramped to the point I would have to stop and shake it out.

I bought the larger barrel pencils and pens but still the cramping was to the point I couldn’t get both pages under 15 minutes. The up side was that I knew these things pretty much cold. Jean noticed the maps in just about every room that had a writing surface.


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