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How I got my PMP with Cheetah Learning Part 6

Posted by David Leslie on November 28, 2007

Exam day:

My back is still killing me. Being an anti-morning person, I opt to take my test at high noon. As I work on breakfast, I go over my Time and Cost formulas one last time.

As I check in at the center, I see two of my classmates walking out. I get a high 5 from one while the other gives me a thumbs up. Goodie bag on top of the locker, I head in with the proctor to start.

I promptly click on the instructional quiz that lasts for 15 minutes. During this time I dump the map first even knowing that if you go into the test time your to keep finish dumping the map before taking on questions. I stick to the plan and 4 minutes into the exam, I take the first question.

I notice the top of the exam screen reads

David Leslie

Project Management Professional

I look at this as an omen. I’m passing this exam.

After I fill out the survey about my testing experience, I see the prettiest  256 color VGA image since I scored a hole in one playing Pinehurst #2 on my Apple IIc. It’s the PMI logo congratulating me on successfully passing the exam.

Walking out I get my scores validated by the proctor and step outside to say a prayer of thanks.

Jean takes me out to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate. I drink a fun Japanese drink called Ramune that has a marble you press into the bottle to mix the gas with the beverage. My back still hurts.

Post Script:

My back pain got worse and come to find out was due to an nasty case of prostatitis. How I got this I have no clue but I’m on two different antibiotic trying to knock this out of me. I just thank God that the worse part of this thing hit after the test and not before it.


3 Responses to “How I got my PMP with Cheetah Learning Part 6”

  1. Leslie said

    I am Leslie from Peru, but i’m living in Spain since last year… I want to get a PMP certification, I´m system enginer and have eigth years of experience in analysis, desing and development of IT projects.
    Do you think that PMP certification is a good idea for my career? and if i’ll take a course to prepare for it?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Sandra said

    I always wanted to take my PMP certification, and even after taking the project management course, I still haven’t taken the certification yet. These article will inspire me to take the PMP certification exam.

    • The PMP is worth it given number of different areas you can apply the concepts of project management. Plus it will give you a framework for helping others ‘get’ what projects are all about.

      Be sure to take a prep class from a company who offers to pay for your retests. It a hard test and by covering retests, it shows that the company stands behind you and their methoids.

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