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Notes from the day

Posted by David Leslie on May 14, 2008

  • The new Nine Inch Nails “The Slip” is, lets call it an album, is great. This is the best album for me so far this year. And that’s before you factor in that it is a free download and Trent is offering remixable tracks. I’ve got Discipline stuck in my head plus “The Four of Us are Dying” is a great instrumental track with a bleak name.



  • Speaking of flicks, do we really need a 2nd Hulk movie? I mean, I’m all for redoing Catwoman so long as they keep Haley, dump everything else and get Will Pfeifer and Ed Burbaker to do the script. Oh and Darwyn Cooke’s take on the costume is a must.


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Oh how I love Hulu, let me count the ways

Posted by David Leslie on May 13, 2008

If you are a TV fan, you really need to head over to A joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp (think Fox), Hulu features a great mix of current and classic TV shows plus movies using Adobe’s Flash player. Even better is it’s ability to let you take a whole show or part of a show that you like and embed it on your favorite social software outlet.


Speaking of the social, you can rate episodes plus add reviews to the shows for other Hulu users to read. For those RSS addicts like me, you can even subscribe to RSS feeds for the shows you like so that you can know when new content for that show is posted to the site.

Now you will see ads, one at each act break for the episodes but that’s little price to pay for the ability to watch online.


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