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The Guggenheim Grotto and Ingrid Midenteldon

Posted by David Leslie on October 23, 2010

Last night I very unexpectedly got to see The Guggenheim Grotto along with Ingrid Michaelson at the Newport Music Hall. My wife’s best friend is a huge Michaelson fan and wanted to catch the show. It was to be girl’s night out until a ticket came open.

I heard a little of Ingrid’s stuff but I really want to see The Guggenheim Grotto as their song “Fee Da Da Dee” has burned itself into my head. After quickly getting the boy squared away with his aunt, we make for the Newport.

I haven’t been there in 10 years when I saw Bruce Hornsby. It hadn’t changed. It’s still mostly covered in black paint and I can never look at the ceiling without wondering how great it must have looked back in the day.

We got there about 1/3 of the way thru “Fee Da Da Dee” so I sprinted inside to catch what for me was the one song I knew and could sing along with (it’s a perfect sing along song). After the Grotto’s set, I hung out by the merch table trying to decide if I wanted to grab the disc while also watching Kevin from the Grotto meet and sign for folks after the set.

I will give Michealson credit. Girl’s got some stones as she used Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song as her walkout music complete with her and the band wearing hooded robes. She even cranked out a good cover of Plant’s wailing. Nothing like breaking with the quirky girl mold that going with Zeppelin.

But the highlight was her cover of REM’s Nightswimming using just her voice and a looping pedal.. You can check it out over on YouTube.


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