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How Georgia Southern cost LSU the BCS title

Posted by David Leslie on January 10, 2012

On Nov 18, 2011 Georgia Southern came into Bryant-Denny Stadium and did three things:

  1. Put 21 points on the nation’s best defense and the most points the Tide gave up all year
  2. Ran for 7.7 yards per carry ending the contest with 302 yards
  3. Convinced LSU that Georgia Southern handed them formula to beat the Tide 

The Eagles under head coach Jeff Monken attacked Alabama using an option pitch play that forced the 4 Tide Linebacker in the 3-4 to move sideline to sideline. The result was that Georgia Southern was able to beat the Tide to the edge consistently…something no one else had done.

As the BSC standings lined up for a rematch with Alabama, I’m a certain as the day is long that LSU looked really hard at that game film and thought that they could beat Bama to the edge with the option pitch. 

As the game showed, LSU attacked the Tide with the option pitch but forgot that Kirby Smart and the Alabama Defense committed to winning the edge again the Tigers. This is one of the things that made this year’s team so great. They were willing to learn from the Georgia Southern game and tighten up their pursuit of the option pitch to the point they held LSU to 96 yards of TOTAL offense for the game.  



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