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Thoughts on the Surface from Microsoft

Posted by David Leslie on July 30, 2012

After the hyper about the being Microsoft’s first PC not counting the Xbox or the ATT U Verse Set Top Box, The future of the Surface all boils down to price point and apps in that order.
It’s gotta be cheaper that the iPad and have enough major apps at launch to help keep the platform going til 3rd party developers get interested. Office will help (the new beta for 2013 is rockin) but I don’t think its enough.

Really, this thing should have been out 4 years ago when HP showed off their tablet only to cripple it with WebOS. Heck they should have released the Courier 3 years ago! 

I think that’s when Microsoft had enough especially after watching their OEM partners blow MS’s 10 year head start with Touch Screens and Tablet PC support within Windows XP!

But this thing has to be a hit our else Windows 8 won’t have the hype support its going to need to avoid being Windows BOB. Even at $32 for the upgrade, the cheapest price very from MS for a major upgrade, I can’t see myself leaving Windows 7 for it.


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