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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

So who is this guy?

Me as of Halloween 2008

Me as of Halloween 2008

I’m a walking contradiction and comfortable with it after years of therapy. So where to start…

I’m a recovering Christian fundamentalist but still a Christian while moving more towards what could be called universalism .

I’m a Democrat yet very pro military and anti Howard Dean.

I love baseball, softball, Alabama football, soccer, boxing, NFL, golf and basketball (only if played well and the refs don’t stop the game every 20 seconds) yet I watch less than 2 hours of sports a week.

Catwoman’s new outfit makes her the hottest comicbook character of all time.

The BBC and NPR are the only sources for news.

Charles Shultz was the greatest comic artist of all time.

I have a minor obsessions with:

bad b-movies, spy shows from the 1960’s, James Bond, femme fatales, the Crimson Skies game universe, military sci-fi like Battlestar Galatica, sci-fi shows like Farscape, the tunes of Mike Doughty & Bruce Hornsby, the films of the Scott brothers,  music from brit pop (Level 42) to techno, going to the library and all things involving video games.


2 Responses to “So who is this guy?”

  1. Gerry Pyle (from MIS320) said

    I would like to write my 8.2 based on your RFP. Can you give me any more specifics (accepance test) or is it just made up?



  2. This MUST be my friend from the Northland days. I can still hear you saying the words I’m reading. As a fellow-recovering Fundamentalist we really should re-connect. Great to find you. I’ve actually tried more than once over these many years. Your humor gave you away!!!


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