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Odds and ends

Posted by David Leslie on March 30, 2006

  1. My on again off again affair with Bugzilla took a nasty turn as my SAMBA connection wouldn't allow me to access my Lunix account from home. Given my crappy command line skills (I can do it in a pinch but I still mix up RM with MV and you know that's not good) plus the fact my boss needed it up for a 5am bug review meant that I had to drag my mucus filled body to the office at 10 pm for 2 hours of work to undo the prep work I had done on BZ since I wanted to cut over to another version of BZ.
  2. Speaking of mucus, I now appears that when we go to Cleveland to see the inlaws, someone gets sick. This time it's my turn.
  3. While the cold meds kept me up, I watch Greg Odom in the MacDonald's All American Game. This guy looked like a man against boys at times.
  4. Caught the trailer for a flick called 'Brick' over lunch thanks to an interview with it's director that Elvis Mitchel did on his radio show today. A film noir set in a modern high school might sound cheesy but as the director noted his love for Dashel Hamlet novels, he observed that high school is the closes thing we have the Hamlet's world where boys are often manipulated by smarter girls.

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A formula for the worst heartburn ever

Posted by David Leslie on March 23, 2006

3 weeks of not good sleep + 10 pounds of added girth + Cut over support + discussing some heavy stuff in counseling + a stress eating binder of sorts =

Heartburn so bad I was having dry heaves. So bad that I feel like I puked. So bad that I’ve had next to nothing to eat since I don’t want to even mess with how much it hurt.

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What cutover does to a man…

Posted by David Leslie on March 17, 2006

  • I’ve gained 10 pounds since Feb.. 10 freaking pound when I wanted to LOSE 10 pounds
  • It’s 1:23 and I haven’t even played any games on my computer
  • I’m making dumb ass mistakes like using rm in linux thinking its Remote Copy rather than Remove. Thank God it didn’t kill my bugzilla install or my boss would have stroked…then killed me.

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World Baseball Classic

Posted by David Leslie on March 14, 2006

I’ve been getting into the WBC yet it proves again that we in the US need to get our brains kicked in.

After just getting by Japan on a bogus call, we are now down 6 to 1 to Korea. Our best players are worred about getting hurt while their best players roll in to prove their skills are on par with the best in the world.

Let’s not even get going about the fans. The Korean fans roll with drums, trumpets. The Latin fan hit the yard 6 hours before the first pitch.

Still if the USA gets knocked out before the finals, it might just get folks off their cans for next year.

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Waiting for the first wave to hit

Posted by David Leslie on March 13, 2006

OK, so its the weekend before the big cut over for my project at work. I had planned to spend most of it getting caught up but I kinda hang and pick off some of the smaller things that had been bugging me.

– Got my hair cut

– Watched the season final for Battlestar Galactica.
– Picked up Farscape Season 4 and Andromeda season 3 from the library to help with the post Battlestar drop in quality TV

– Watch The Unit only for Dennis Haysburt but was very happy to see that this is a David Mamet production.

– Checked that awful sound coming from my car, looks like I need new pipes.

– Checked the check engine light on Jean’s sled. O2 sensor is bad. Crap gas milage til its fixed.

– Worked on a time line walk thru and answered some email for work

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Bowling Bowling Bowling…

Posted by David Leslie on March 11, 2006

My cousin Allie had her 14th birthday party tonight at the bowling alley at the Athletic Club tonight. The six Brunswick lanes in the club’s basement were installed in 1947 and still have much of their original parts.

Needless to say it was the first time John had ever been bowling and quite a while since Jean and I had tossed rocks. Yet John proved yet again how strong he’s getting by the fact he could lift many of the bowling balls. We did how ever have to tell him not to kick the ball since that’s the way he most often plays with them.

Jean and I bowled a ton of frames with my cousin Barbara and boyfriend while John played with Allie and my cousin Katlin.

We had pizza for dinner then Jean and I went back to bowling. By the end of the night Jean was racking up strikes and spares like crazy. Sure two of the lanes had foam bummpers to keep the ball out of the gutter but Jean wasn’t using them. I was harking back to my YABA days but I couldn’t make a shot to save my life but that’s what happens when you haven’t bowled in almost 10 years.

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Breaking in the new park & why I’m getting evil

Posted by David Leslie on March 7, 2006

  • John and I on a whim headed to Friendship Park to try out the new playground gear that the city picked up. Little man had a blast so we had the ‘I don’t want to leave’ melt down when it came time to go home.
  • The evilness is due to project stress, feeling like I’m coming down with something (not helped by the fact my boss was out with a 103 degree fever today and the fact we had an over 3 hour meeting together yesterday) plus I’m starting to get that “I want spring NOW” feeling.

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Build-a-Bear with my cousins

Posted by David Leslie on March 5, 2006

My cousin Barbara had her birthday party yesterday at Build-A-Bear. Keep in mind that my cousin is turning 33 but she thought it would be fun.

As part of the party, you could pick from either a white or brown basic bear. Since most of the people coming to the party would be adults, she encouraged folks to donate their bear if they didn’t want to keep it. She had a pretty large turn out so children services is going to get a mess of teddy bears.

I got to talk with my Uncle’s first wife for the first time in years plus meet her husband. It was strange introduction for her as to how do you introduce your nephew from your first marriage?

John loved stomping on the stuffing pedal when it came time to stuff his bear. After his party bear was stuffed John hit the cleaning station having fun feeling the air blower. Aunt Reva was kind enough to let John pick out another bear for him to build with Allie John picked a Koala and Allie dressed it for him.

After the party we went to Abuelo’s for dinner. While we were waiting, John, Allie and I went to the fountain near Bon Ve to let John run off some energy. Later, John and I caught the trolley and rode around Easton til dinner.

John’s been getting pretty voical of late and dinner was no exception. The waitress had stopped over to fill our drinks and John in a very firm voice said to to her “Lady, we’re out of chips!” The waitress didn’t hear him but Jean and I did so we asked him to ask kindly next time.

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Curious George: A Review

Posted by David Leslie on March 5, 2006

Took the little man to see Curious George while Jean had a Mom’s night in party. I had been listing to the soundtrack for a few days so I knew hankies would be in order. Something about the tracks, ‘Wrong Turn’ and ‘You and I are going to be friends” just hit that ‘tears on’ button for me.

The movie is very well done and worth checking out on the big screen. John and I were the only folks in the theater and John had fun watching the movie, eating his popcorn and trying to find a seat to sit in.

The one line that did hit me in the movie was again from Jack Johnson’s soundtrack.

“If I had a minute for every hour that I’ve wasted I would be rich in time”.. So true, So true

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So, how ya been?

Posted by David Leslie on March 5, 2006

Last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as the project keeps me bouncing from one thing to another. I’ve been so busy in fact that I haven’t had time to even work on my review.

Yet I’m going to try to start keeping this thing somewhat up to date in hopes that it will let me get some of the stuff out of my head a bit.

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